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a. A small retail shop that specializes in gifts, fashionable clothes, accessories, or food, for example.
b. A small shop located within a large department store or supermarket.
2. A small business offering specialized products and services: an investment boutique; a health-care boutique.

[French, from Old French botique, small shop, from Old Provençal botica, from Latin apothēca, storehouse; see apothecary.]
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( buːˈtiːk)
1. (Commerce) a shop, esp a small one selling fashionable clothes and other items
2. (Commerce)
a. of or denoting a small specialized producer or business
b. ( as modifier): a boutique winery.
3. (Commerce) a small specialized stall or shopping area within a supermarket, esp selling fresh meat, seafood, etc
[C18: from French, probably from Old Provençal botica, ultimately from Greek apothēkē storehouse; see apothecary]
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1. a small shop or specialty department within a larger store, esp. one that sells fashionable items.
2. any small, exclusive business.
3. a small business specializing in one aspect of a larger field: a pension boutique.
a. exclusive, exotic, or small-scale: boutique beer.
b. producing boutique products.
[1760–70; < French, Middle French]
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Noun 1. boutique - a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
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A retail establishment where merchandise is sold:
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sleep Tencel Calvin Calvin Klein Klein Short [buːˈtiːk] nboutique f
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nBoutique f
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[buːˈtiːk] nboutique f inv
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( buːˈtiːk) noun
a fashionable, usually small shop, especially one selling clothes. She prefers small boutiques to large stores. Bellfield parka Bellfield Bellfield Bellfield lightweight qfFqCg1 Petite DESIGN black Petite hoodie zip in ASOS through ASOS Svqw1C
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2 -- color) The Valley boutique in Manhattan is meant to offer some of the San Fernando Valley's relaxed vibe to high-strung New Yorkers.
These lush, large-format tableaux vivants represent the final days of Palmares (literally, "prize list"), the clothing boutique on rue de la Chaussee d'Antin run by Faigenbaum's aunt for more than thirty years.
Hop a short, free ride from the Arts District on the historic McKinney Avenue Trolley's M line for a delightful journey into Uptown, a vibrant neighborhood blending historic homes, new residences, art galleries, antique shops, exclusive hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and the new boutique, Hotel ZaZa.
The Fasano is just one example of a new trend in this city: boutique hotels.
The consumer electronics giant built on this concept with last year's launch of the smaller-scale Sony-branded boutique, with additional stores coming soon.
Since imitation is the highest form of flattery, it is a virtual certainty that boutique medicine will expand into many other areas.
He probes the underlying inconsistencies of the multiculturalism movement, dividing multiculturalists into two classes: boutique multiculturalists and strong multiculturalists.
195 for the first boutique if similar costs for additional boutiques would not be currently deductible.
The African heritage boutique imports clothes, jewelry and housewares from Africa and the Middle East, including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Liberia.
NEW YORK -- A new survey of boutique public relations agency clients around the world finds that the specialized, focused services of senior practitioners is a common thread driving the hiring of such firms, regardless of today's economic climate.
Piaget recently opened the doors to its first boutique in Riyadh in the Kingdom Tower, in the presence of Brand Director for the Middle East Jean-Marc Shammas.
com)-- Southern Chic Boutique is a new online clothing boutique operating right out of the heart of the South in Johnson City, TN.